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An Inspired Journey

It is from fresh plant life that I find my inspiration to create new cocktails. I love to work with local ingredients, especially ones I can pick myself. Living in Brooklyn, NY my options fresh from the vine are limited, so I decided to journey a little further to forage.

My first stop was Hawaii. The lush landscape of Hawaii is ideal for plant life. I had papaya, guava, citrus fruits, chili, avocado, and fresh honey right in my backyard! Take a look above for a step by step instructional of my favorite cocktail, the Hawaiian Dream, made with papaya puree, guava syrup, and a pineapple coconut hemp infusion.

Each region in the world has different natural elements to offer and I am on a journey to explore, discover, and create.

While Hawaii is absolutely breathtaking, and I considered staying forever, we are on to the next adventure.

Next stop, the east coast of Mexico…