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Spiced Coffee cocktail


This cocktail is a rich blend of hemp infused black teas and a roasted root coffee blend that will leave you caffeinated, but calm.


1.5 oz Hempress Queen of Earl
1.5 oz Hempress Chelsea Chai
1.5 oz Roasted root coffee blend
1 oz aquafaba 
.25 oz simple sugar or agave
Optional chili pepper or dash of cayenne


Combine ingredients in a mason jar with ice, shake & serve. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.


Spiced coffee cocktail part 1

Learn how to prep the ingredients for our hemp infused caffeinated cocktail. 

Spiced Coffee cocktail part 2

Now we’ll build our cocktail.

Visit our online shop to get your Chelsea Chai and Queen of Earl blends to make this cocktail at home! 

Roasted Root Blend

Add cinnamon bark, chicory root, dandelion root, and burdock root to a cast iron pan. Roast in the oven on 200 degrees for an hour. Grind in coffee grinder and keep in sealed container. 

Tea Prep for Cocktails


Ratio: 8 oz hot water per Hempress tea bag.

Steep until cool or in the refrigerator overnight. Remove tea bags and keep sealed and refrigerated after prep.